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Property Management

property_mgnt We are ready to help you at any stage of your project: from consultations to the organization of private or commercial use of the property.

Property Maintenance

property_mgnt We understand that your time is valuable, our property services allow you to address everyday maintenance requirements within your home, office, or facility.

Janitorial Services

property_mgnt We offer a full indoor & outdoor cleaning service. Additionally, to regular maintenance cleaning, we will help you with special cleaning works.

Landscaping Services

property_mgnt We provide all types of excavation, landscaping, and planting services, as well as take care of plants, trees, and green areas.

Remodeling with
Earth Friendly Construction Materials in Mind

Green Home Laos has over 15 years of combined experience in offering construction and remodeling services in European and Asian countries. We are a full-time property management, construction and remodeling services provider, specializing in home redesign.

Our emphasis is in creating the home of your dreams.


As our business name suggests, we are green crusaders. We believe in sustainable development and ensure that the materials we use in remodeling are earth-friendly (whenever possible) that do not add to the worlds carbon footprint.

Earth Friendly Elements

What’s unique about our services is that we create partnerships with homeowners through out the project life cycle. Our team is dedicated to delivering personalized services to every renovation or remodeling project we undertake. Our designers are accessible to discuss your requirements in great detail.

Hands-on Services

Our team has the know how to make your experience a personal one. We ensure complete transparency and timely deliverables.

Reliable Customer Service

We offer 'Green Roof' services as well.

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