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Rental and tenant management

Rent Collection

Green Home Laos rental manager visits your property once a month to collect the rent and makes an inspection to ensure nothing is missing or damaged.
Rental collections are deposited into a Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public bank account which pays the fees and expenses.
In our Rental & Tenant Management Policy it is recommended to keep a minimum deposit of
$1,000 to cover any emergency repairs.

New Tenants

Green Home Laos rental & tenant manager will also locate good tenants and check their references and credit.
When a tenant vacates the premises, the property manager will inspect the property and make a complete report for the owner.
In addition, the property manager determines if the deposit is to be fully refunded or
used to make repairs or replace lost items which are deducted from the deposit.


Collect the last month’s rent and security deposits equivalent to three months’ rent before the tenant occupies the premises.


The property manager will provide monthly reports itemizing all expenses and problems to the owners.


Using a property manager saves you the time and expense to travel between different provinces to evict bad tenants, make repairs, or find new tenants.
The true value of property managers is the fewer trips you have to make to fix problems that a professional can fix.


Our property managers not only save you time and money spent on traveling, but they also keep your investment safe.
Repairs and regular maintenance increases a property’s value. In essence, our property managers help our clients to increase the property’s equity while sparing you the stress that landlords sometimes endure.

In Conclusion let a qualified Green Home Laos Property Manager take all of the headaches off your hands to enjoy life and make a profit from your real estate investment!

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